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Video interview: Overcoming lifelong anxiety disorder

I’m really excited to share this video about my journey with The Modern Mystery School and how it helped me overcome lifelong anxiety disorder. It’s why I do the work I do. Because I’ve seen the miracles of the fruits in my own life.

Dawn Ressel

How Truly Learned to ‘Know Thyself’: The Modern Mystery School

Who is this woman in these photos??? If me from 5 years ago saw these photos, she would be in disbelief. Me from 5 years ago was uncomfortable in her own skin, shy, and did not really love herself. She was anxious all the time and was consumed with fear and negative thoughts. She had
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Dawn Ressel

Living an Authentic Life

Living an authentic life is one of the keys to joy and fulfillment. The question is: do we really¬†know ourselves enough to live authentically? It’s an ongoing journey. We can never fully know ourselves because we’re always changing. The work to Know Thyself is one of the ¬†most fulfilling and dynamic journeys we can undertake
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