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November 25, 2018

Modern Mystery School

Modern Mystery School

I am trained with the Modern Mystery School, one of the seven great mystery schools in the world. The Modern Mystery School is the only one of the seven great mystery schools which is open to the public. I am a certified Life Activation practitioner, a certified Max Meditation (™) coach, and a Ritual Master in training.

I began working with the Modern Mystery School after I had my Life Activation and it shifted me away from my former career in corporate America and towards a joyful journey as an entrepreneur. And after I received my Empower Thyself & Initiation, my lifelong battle with chronic anxiety finally subsided. Since then, I’ve used daily meditation techniques from the Modern Mystery School to connect with my higher self, find purpose, relaxation and relief from anxiety.

The reason I chose the Modern Mystery School is because it holds the unbroken lineage of healings, rituals and teachings from King Salomon, which go back 3,000 years. They’ve been proven to work in my life as well as many humans for three millennia! Training in this school has given me knowledge of myself, greater connection with God, and a true purpose on this Earth to help others heal and grow spiritually.

Gudni Gudnason

The Modern Mystery School was founded by Ipsissimus Gudni Gudnason. He made the school and its teachings public in 1997. His goal is to use these teachings to bring about world peace or shambalah.

“You are an eternal being. You have never been born, therefore you can never die. – Founder Gudni Gudnason