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Step In and Flow (not “go with the flow”)

There’s a common phrase “go with the flow” that is well-intentioned, but problematic. The philosophy of “go with the flow” leads one to be a passive participant in their own life. I imagine a piece of driftwood, floating in the ocean, at the mercy of the tides and the winds and the storms, with no real direction of its own. That is not the best way to live our lives, wouldn’t you agree? We are powerful creators of our own universe. So I offer an alternative: “Step In and Flow.”

“Step In and Flow” provides room for spontaneity, creativity, opportunities, and higher guidance to come through while being active participants in our own lives. It’s the difference between being a piece of driftwood to being the captain of our own ship. Yes, we are always paying attention to the conditions around us. And we’re adjusting when we need to. But WE are setting the course. WE are directing and flowing with the forces around us to get us to our ultimate destination.

As creators in our own lives, we can work with the four elements (Earth, Water, Air, and Fire) to create with the universal forces at our aid. If we apply to four elements to this idea of “Step In and Flow,” it would work like this. 

We use the inspiration from the Air element to inform our direction and help us decide what we want to create. We use the passion and drive from the Fire element to propel us forward. And we use the grounding energies of Earth to manifest. Then we make our vision a reality. Now that we’re in that new reality, we work with the flow of the Water element to respond to new guidance or opportunities. We adjust if needed. And we repeat this process. Step In. Flow. Step In. Flow.

By working with the four elements, it helps us become masters of our own lives and masters of this process. The Life Activation healing is the best healing I’m aware of to begin this process of deeper connection with the four elements of creation. It strengthens and balances your relationship with the four elements.

And if you want to have mastery of the four elements in your daily life, you can begin training with The Modern Mystery School. The first steps I’d recommend are Empower Thyself and Initiation (which is available to you after Life Activation). It is a two-day intensive where you receive rituals to use in your daily life for empowerment. Two of those rituals directly enhance your connection with the four elements. In addition, Sacred Geometry 1 deepens your connection to the universal language of creation and the four elements. It also contains practical tools you can use daily to connect with the four elements and the language of creation. 

I’d love to see everyone go from passive viewers in their own lives to taking accountability and responsibility. When we do this, our lives become more fruitful and joyful. We stop seeing ourselves as victims and awaken our own power as creators. If you’re ready to Step In and Flow, send me a message to chat! As a certified Teacher, Healer, and Life Activation practitioner, I have tools to support you in your own self mastery.

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