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Living an Authentic Life

Dawn Ressel

Living an authentic life is one of the keys to joy and fulfillment. The question is: do we really know ourselves enough to live authentically? It’s an ongoing journey. We can never fully know ourselves because we’re always changing. The work to Know Thyself is one of the  most fulfilling and dynamic journeys we can undertake in this life. “Know Thyself” is the metaphysical edict of the mystery schools.

Are you living an AUTHENTIC life? And how do you know if you are? The easiest way to know is by the fruits. Is you life bringing you joy? Do you love what you do? Do you feel accomplished? Do you feel like you’re making a difference?

The truth is I was not living an authentic life for most of my life! I was letting things that I thought were me, but actually were not me get in the way. I didn’t really know myself! I tricked myself into believing these things were me that are not:

❌ Insecurities
❌ Wounding
❌ Programming
❌ Limiting beliefs
❌ Fears
❌ Victimhood
❌ Old stories
❌ Judgment
❌ Attachments
❌ Anxiety

I have a secret to share: if it’s negative, it’s not really you! It’s something that’s covering up the real you. It wasn’t until I fully committed to a healing journey, getting in touch with my spirituality, and getting to really know myself that I was able to live an authentic life.

So how do you live an authentic life? It takes serious effort every single day. I’m sorry to tell you there is no pill you can take, no soundbite I can share, no easy answer. But there are things that can definitely accelerate it! You have to get to know who you really are, not the layers that cover who you really are.

✅ Meditation
✅ Journaling
✅ Time in nature (alone)
✅ Being honest with yourself (bring light to the shadows)
✅ Healing the parts that aren’t you (the shadows)
✅ Taking responsibility for your life and all that’s in it
✅ Doing what brings you joy
✅ Exploring new things to see how they fit you
✅ Spiritual work: rituals, prayer, communion with the divine
✅ Letting go of what no longer serves you
✅ Energy healing (particularly from a proven lineage)

Yes, you can get there on your own. But if someone said, hey I have this map and it has the most direct path to where you’re going. You can have this map. Or you can keep wandering on your own and maybe get there, maybe not. Maybe it will take a lot longer.

Personally, I like results. Some people like to figure things out for themselves, and maybe that’s their authentic selves, maybe not? I was able to reflect on my life up until that point and say, hey, nothing else I’ve tried so far has really gotten me there. Maybe I don’t know everything. Let me give this a shot.

I honestly would not have been able to make as much progress in a short amount of time without the support of the tools, teachers, healings, and initiations from the Modern Mystery School International

There are a lot of healing modalities out there today, but very few are from an ancient lineage that is proven. Ours goes back over 3,000 years unbroken to King Salomon. In a lineage, it gets stronger over time because all of those who have come before and served add to it. And you can witness the results over many, many people over a long period of time.

Things started shifting after I received my Life Activation. And I haven’t stopped, and I don’t plan on stopping. Why would I? This is what’s bringing me joy, helping me heal, helping me uncover who I truly am! And it’s a beautiful thing. And now I have the honor of helping others in their journey, starting with the Life Activation healing.

Before I committed to living an authentic life, life was HARD. I was suffering so much, and I was tired of it. Among other things, I had crippling generalized anxiety disorder, which I am totally cured of, entirely through this work.

If this resonates with you, let’s chat. I am always happy to chat with anyone about these topics, no obligation. I love hearing people’s stories and sharing my own. Wishing you all a joyful, authentic life, however you get there. Just get there. We need you! 

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