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My Five Favorite Albums for Meditation

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For years, I meditated in complete silence. Then a friend’s comment about meditation music prompted me to consider whether I wanted to listen to music during meditation.

After experimenting with and without music for the last year or so, I’ve decided that I like meditation music sometimes. It depends on my mood and the style of meditation I’m using in my practice that day.

Then the question is: what music is best for meditation? My personal preference is to meditate to music that is beautiful but not at all distracting from the work I’m doing in my meditation session. Typically in meditation I am seeking higher wisdom or guidance, so I want the music to be subtle but add a layer of beauty. Others preferences may vary.

With that in mind, here are the albums I like best for meditation, particularly for 45-minute or longer sessions where I want a cohesive background soundtrack, not a jumble of various songs.

Jewels of Silence: Meditations on the Chakras for Voice and Crystal Singing Bowls by Ashana With Thomas Barquee

This is undoubtedly my favorite album for meditation. It uses beautiful vocals that are reminiscent of Gregorian chants with singing bowls. The combination is ethereal. It brings me to a state of peace and awareness without being distracting. I often use it in my healing sessions with clients as well. And one time a client said to me when she arrived, “That’s Jewels of Silence! That’s my favorite album! I listen to it all the time!” That was a lovely moment of synchronicity that made me love this album even more.

Sanctum Sanctorum by Constance Demby

This is another album featuring Gregorian chant style vocals, with ethereal female vocals layered on top. The whole album has a really peaceful, angelic quality. The tracks blend really smoothly into one another, giving it a really cohesive feel while still having some distinctive character within each track.

Liquid Mind VI: Spirit by Liquid Mind

This album has no vocals, just pure, smooth instrumentals. This is the album that I have found to be the least distracting during meditation. And yet, it is a joy to have in the background because it is quite beautiful. If you find it hard to meditate with music but want to try, this is the album I recommend most highly.

Lucid Surrender by Entheo

This album transports you to another world – a world where I wouldn’t mind living permanently! It’s absolutely transcendent! I use this one a lot in my sessions with clients, but it is also very nice for meditation.

Reflections from Water by Gudni Gudnason

This is my favorite album to listen to while meditating in the bath because the entire album is inspired by the water element. If you are interested baths for meditation, check on my previous blog article: Salt Baths for Self-healing and Meditation. This is by far the longest album on this list at just over 4 hours! Some of the tracks are practically albums themselves. The longest track Tara (presumably named after the Buddhist goddess) is 29 minutes long. This album was created by the founder of The Modern Mystery School, Ippsissumus Gudni Gudnason. Because he is a highly trained, life-long magickian, this album is very high vibration.

This is my third blog article on the theme of engaging more of our senses during meditation. For more ideas, check out my previous two articles. I hope this gives you some more music to add to your repertoire, or a beginning to adding music to your meditation practice.

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