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Tools for Right Now: Spiritual Inner Healing

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I hope you are staying safe, healthy and happy during these difficult times. Amidst all the chaos going on around us, right now is the perfect time to focus on our inner healing and spiritual progression. For most of us, there is more time and fewer outside distractions. And in times of chaos, that is when we have to rely on what’s inside of us to provide stability. The good news is we’re not alone in this. Right now, the universal forces are so close to us, ready to assist any of us who asks. There were always there, but in the quiet, it’s easier to hear and feel them.

Connect to the divine in any way that feels right to you. I am not here to tell you what to believe. The expansiveness of God and the universe encompasses so much more than what most people believe is possible. So tap into whatever resonates with you. Go inside yourself and also work to connect with some higher power outside yourself. 

If you haven’t spent a lot of time doing this, it can feel scary. Looking inside is harder than looking outside. It is much easier to focus on the news, politics, conspiracy theories, or whatever distractions bring us back into chaos. Going inward requires us to be honest with ourselves. To look in the mirror. Some of us may not like what we see. That’s natural. None of us are perfect. 

When we look in the mirror we should first look for the beauty. What do I love about myself? What am I doing well? What are my strengths? How am I using my internal resources to get through this difficult time? How am I contributing and helping others? These are just a few ideas of prompts. Use whatever works for you.

Once we’ve acknowledged the beauty in ourselves, then we can look at where we can grow. Where do I want to change? What is holding me back? What can I do better for myself? What can I do better for others? Where am I falling short of my talents and potential? Where do I need to heal? Again, these are just suggestions. Use whatever works for you.

These questions (or ones like them) can be used for journaling, silent reflection, and meditation. I encourage you to spend at least 10 minutes a day on this type of inner work during this period. 

Additionally, now is a really important time to connect to the divine. Though we are isolated from many of our loved ones right now, we are not alone. We always have assistance waiting for us if we simply ask. Now is a great time for 10 minutes a day of prayer. I am not here to tell you who or what to pray to. Just pray to whatever resonates with you – any higher power – the universe, God, source, nature/Gaia, etc. Even if you are not sure you believe (I was there once), it’s a good exercise to see how it feels to try to connect with something greater. 

The biggest key to prayer that deepens our connection with the divine is gratitude! When we pray, we should be first starting with what we are grateful for and stating that. This allows us the opportunity to gain perspective of what we truly have. 

After we express gratitude, we are more connected to our heart, and therefore more connected to the divine. We can then ask for assistance with those things that are weighing heavy on us. But we should only be asking for assistance with things in our lives that we are willing to take action on! The universal powers work with us, not for us. Once we step forward, they can be the wind at our backs. But they cannot take the first step on our behalf. 

Here are some things I find helpful for connecting inside and with the divine:
✅ Meditation
✅ Prayer
✅ Rituals 
✅ Service
✅ Journaling
✅ Silent reflection
✅ Creation/art of any kind
✅ High vibration music (classical, new age, etc.)
✅ Crystals
✅ Essential oils (especially in combination with things above)
✅ Nature/fresh air
✅ Play and laughter
✅ Dancing
✅ Whatever brings you JOY!

Feel free to comment with any questions or if you need support right now. Wishing you all many blessings. 🙏

Photo by Diana Simumpande on Unsplash

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