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What does Star Wars have to do with spirituality?

I watched the latest Star Wars movie on opening night. (No spoilers! I promise!) I always loved Star Wars as a kid. I literally grew up with it. In fact, my first crush ever was on Luke Skywalker. I was five. Looking back, it’s a little comical. But considering what I know now: that my life’s purpose to help spread light through spirituality, it makes perfect sense that my first crush was on a Jedi Knight. 🙂

It’s been a few years since I’ve watched anything from the Star Wars franchise. I’m a pretty different person now than I was then. So rather than musing about plot points or critiquing the actors, I began pondering some deeper questions. Like what really is “the dark side of the force” vs. “the light side of the force?” And how does Star Wars answer those questions compared with what I’ve learned on my personal spiritual journey.

One of the most famous scenes in any Star Wars movie is the moment Darth Vader says, to Luke Skywalker: “I am your father!” Then Luke has to make the choice to join his father (choice the darkness) or fight against him (choose the light). Of course we know Luke Skywalker choose the light. And then Hollywood magic happens! He achieves salvation! All of his previous doubts and struggles are gone! His spirituality is never again thought about.

In reality, choosing the light vs. choosing the dark is not a single, momentous event like Luke denying his father. Some of us have to choose whether to repeat the darkness of our parents, such as repeat patterns of abuse or addiction. But even those are usually not a single moment where we make those decisions.

In reality, our spirituality is based on a set of daily choices, thoughts and actions. It’s a lifelong journey that requires a foundation built on consistency. I’ll give you some examples. This past year, these have been some of the battles I’ve been fighting within myself to overcome darkness.

  • Do I go to the gym today or do I make excuses?
  • Do I complete my full practice of meditation, prayer and rituals today? Or do I choose something else (like sleeping in)?
  • Do I bring my full attention and focus to my spiritual practices of prayer, meditation and rituals? Or do I allow my daily worries to distract me?
  • Do I stay attached to a past relationship or do I let go and make room for something new?
  • Do I get offended by something someone says, or do I engage in compassion, acceptance or inquiry instead?

Every time we make a choice like this, we either move forward or backwards. The good news is that our spirituality is not a win all or lose all game. Instead, spiritual progression requires consistent, intentional actions. And it requires us to look in the places we sometimes don’t want to look. To move forward, we first have to be honest with ourselves about where we’re stuck. Then we have to decide to get unstuck. And then we have to take consistent actions that change the old pattern into a new one. And we have to be compassionate and realistic with ourselves along the way. If we miss a beat one day, all is not lost. We start over the next day and keep going.

Another point I’d like to make is that the choice between the light and the dark are rarely as straightforward as in Star Wars. In real life, people don’t go around wearing a uniforms and masks that tell you whether they’re on the dark side or the light side. And in fact no one is just one or the other. It’s a very broad spectrum with a whole lot of gray. Even the most pristine spiritual figure you can think of would never deny that have darkness within. And even people who commit unconscionable acts have redeeming qualities.

Likewise, it’s not always so simple to discern whether a particular action is of the light or the dark. The world is complicated and so are we. Through spirituality we can get better at discerning. We learn to ask questions and dig deeper rather than make decisions solely based on programming or habit. We can face our subconscious (or negative ego) and reject its influence over us, one decision at a time. We learn not to judge situations or people so quickly. We learn to broaden our perspective and use compassion and empathy to understand a fuller picture.

Meditation is one great way to get better at discerning. It allows us to empty our minds in the short term, making space for clearer decisions. In the long term, a regular meditation practice helps to reduce our subconscious mind and therefore our automatic reactions to things. That makes way for new ideas and patterns to come in that are more aligned with our authentic selves. These automatic reactions come from societal programming or things we were taught as children. They are not necessarily in alignment with who we really are at our core. 

In addition, I’ve experienced that the spiritual healings and teachings in the lineage of King Salomon are a catalyst for progression, better discernment, and living authentically. The Life Activation service that I offer plugs you back into your original blueprint of your highest potential in this life. It reawakens your memory of what you are here to accomplish and who you truly are! 

Building on the Life Activation, Empower Thyself and Initiation gives you powerful tools you can apply every day to aid in your progression. Empower Thyself is a 2-day workshop intensive where you are handed down sacred teachings, rituals and meditation for growth, manifestation and protection. 

As I talk about in my previous blog post, Empower Thyself literally cured me of my lifelong anxiety disorder. I no longer need therapy or medication. I am completely free of anxiety! It was a mental virus that filled up the majority of my mental processing capacity and allowed very little space for my higher self. I can’t explain exactly how this happened. Contemporary psychiatry and psychotherapy would tell you it isn’t possible. But spirituality works beyond the confines of accepted reality. I know it to be true because I lived it.

If you’re committed to your spiritual progression and want help figuring out your next steps, feel free to reach out. Whether meditation or healing or study appeals to you, all of these are options we can discuss.

May the force be with you!

Photo by Bryan Goff on Unsplash

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