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The Magick of Healing and Transformation

MAGIC vs. MAGICK. If you follow my posts, you may have wondered why I add a “k” at the end when I talk about the work I do. “Magic” is referring to illusions, tricks, or even fantasy, like Harry Potter, which as amusing as it is, is not at all real magick! Magick is about transformation. And the foundation of all magick is first and foremost, personal transformation. 

We use magick to transform our inner darkness to a space that can hold light. We transform our attachments to freedom, our pain to healing, our negative thoughts to positive ones, our doubts to confidence, our victimhood to power, our judgments to acceptance, our mere opinions to curiosity, and our belief we are unworthy to belief in our divinity. We do all of this and more through the tools we are handed down through our unbroken lineage of King Salomon – meditation, rituals, prayer, spiritual study, etc. 

This magick healed my lifelong chronic anxiety. I don’t mean that I now manage it better or I feel it less. I mean it disappeared! Like magick! Immediately after Empower Thyself and Initiation, I no longer had any anxiety. It hasn’t returned in over two years! My therapists and psychiatrist made only modest dents in my anxiety over a decade. But a weekend of deep spiritual teachings and initiation into this holy ancient lineage cured me. 

This is why I now believe anxiety is not a mental illness, but a spiritual one. When we have anxiety, there is no space for light to come in. We fill every void in our mind and body with worries, fears, and negative thoughts. Anxiety makes no room for our higher self, our spiritual guides, or God to come in and guide us. We are trapped in a hamster wheel of repetitive thoughts that keep us stuck and small.

I believe in magick because it works. The miraculous transformations in my own life have pushed me forward into serving others, providing healings that begin the transformation process for them! It’s the greatest honor of my life to be on this path. It’s why I went to Healer’s Academy 2 last month to learn more healing modalities. It’s why you’ll see me going to Toronto several times a year for the foreseeable future – because there is so much more to learn and offer the people of this world. There are so many suffering. You may be one of them. I used to suffer deeply, mostly in silence. 

I cannot say I don’t suffer anymore. But my suffering is dramatically different. I was suffering practically every minute of every day just a few short years ago. Now I suffer occasionally, but I’m able to recognize it as a sign of where I need to grow and change. And I have the tools to transform and heal that suffering very quickly and free myself of it! And when the suffering repeats, I recognize it as my spiritual guidance showing me that I have the power and responsibility to overcome this.

I believe in magick because it works. Yes, I have magick wands and tinctures and crystals – tools that are in service of transformation. They do not to make a rabbit pop out of a hat. They bring light to individuals who are ready to heal, ready to transform some of their inner darkness into light. That is true magick!

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