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How I Healed My Chronic Anxiety with Spirituality

According to a new study by the Hartman Group, anxiety is now the #1 health condition that Americans are managing. Americans are now more concerned with anxiety than with being overweight.

I suffered from chronic anxiety most of my life. It was so pervasive that I honestly didn’t even know that I had anxiety. I thought it was just how life was. I couldn’t remember a time without anxiety. I thought the people who seemed happy and worry-free on the outside must be acting. I really believed that. I thought, “How could they possibly be happy when everything is going wrong? They must be faking it!”

My healing journey began about 12 years ago. I was first introduced to meditation by my therapist while being treated for anxiety. Anxiety was a debilitating factor in my life. My mind was constantly filled with “what if” scenarios that usually ended in the worst possible outcome. In addition, I was diagnosed with several phobias, including mild agoraphobia, which is the fear of the outside. I had a fear of going practically anywhere by myself, except to and from work. When my anxiety was at its worst, I would have panic attacks.

This is me today – loving the journey!

To curb my anxiety, I tried visualization and breathing exercises. I had moderate success with that, and it opened my eyes to the possibilities of alternative healing. But my anxiety was still so bad that I reluctantly started taking prescription medication to cope with it. Medication masked a lot of my anxiety, but it didn’t deal with the root cause.  And medication numbed my anxiety, but also numbed my sense of joy.

My deeper healing didn’t begin until I started down a spiritual path. I believe anxiety and a lot of other mental illnesses are actually not mental illnesses – they’re spiritual and emotional illnesses. I had lost touch with the light, with my own divinity, with any form of higher power. I was carrying around so much emotional baggage from my past that I couldn’t see the beauty and joy that the present has to offer. That began to shift after I got my Life Activation.

Several years later, I’m a completely different person. I’ve essentially cured my anxiety. I now longer need or take medication. The healings I’ve received, my spiritual training, and my daily meditation practice keep me in my joy and living without anxiety. And now I get to offer Life Activations to others!

What is Life Activation? How do I know if I could benefit from one?

The Life Activation brings more connection and power to fulfill your highest purpose on this planet. Each of us is entrusted with a mission that only we can fulfill – a mission that serves the greatest and highest good. The Life Activation helps you discover and embody that mission. It strengthens your connection with your Higher Self – the part of you that is pure spirit and lives only in the light.

After your Life Activation, your Higher Self will speak much more loudly in your life, and you’ll be guided towards actions and situations that help you and others. It’s like walking around a dark labyrinth and suddenly someone hands you a flashlight. It also raises your vibration and gives you tools to live more fully.

There isn’t another healing out there that can do what the Life Activation does. Every person on this planet can benefit from this modality, which is one of the reasons I love it.

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