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Growing abundance: the fertile soil of self improvement

What is abundance?

Everyone seems to want abundance, and not everyone understands how to get it. I was one of those people who was chasing abundance as if it was an end state, some milestone that comes with a banner and a parade and a big bank account. I thought abundance was about having more and proving that I had it. I was living in a scarcity mindset. Steven Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People writes:

“Most people are deeply scripted in what I call the Scarcity Mentality. They see life as having only so much, as though there were only one pie out there. And if someone were to get a big piece of the pie, it would mean less for everybody else.”

The Abundance Mentality, on the other hand, flows out of a deep inner sense of personal worth or security. It is the paradigm that there is plenty out there and enough to spare for everybody. It also means redefining what we mean by abundance. It’s not about having stuff. It’s about having an inner sense of balance, gratitude and peace. Moving from the Scarcity Mentality to the Abundance Mentality is not that easy. And by not that easy I mean, it requires work. The hardest kind of work, and also the most rewarding: self improvement.

My self improvement journey

I see self improvement as a tree with four roots:

  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Physical
  • Intellectual

The most fertile soil for our tree is created by putting effort into all four of the roots. Some come easier to each of us, which means we might have to work harder at some of the others. I spent nearly all of my life entirely focused on my intellectual root while I neglected all of the other three roots. I thought that if I was successfully academically, that would lead to professional success, and professional success would lead to money, and money would lead to happiness. But the rug was pulled out from under me. Because I achieved a high-paying job, a big house, a nice car, and plenty of money in the bank. And I was just as empty as I was when I had no job, degree, money or status.

So I began working on my emotional root. I went to years of psychotherapy, plus a very intense 7-day retreat I nicknamed emotional boot camp. I started to shed a lot of the weight of my past: shame, guilt, resentment, and the burden of expectations. I stopped caring about what other people thought of my actions and stopped giving them control over my sense of self worth. I realized that everything that someone else says or does is a reflection of THEM, not of ME. I stopped being a victim. I started looking more closely in the mirror and realized I am the only person responsible for my joy.

Next I began working on my spiritual root. This root had been long neglected. I had a lot of negative experiences in my childhood with what I would call traditional religion. And I was very skeptical of any organized religion because of what I’d seen as their effects: war, division, power struggles, fear, guilt, shaming… the list goes on. I started practicing Buddhism because I was drawn to Buddha’s teachings around compassion. And then I found the Modern Mystery School and received my Life Activation, which aligns you with your true purpose and connects you with your higher self. I started to get guidance that was not from my mind or from the world around me, but from a divine source. I felt a true connection with God for the first time in my life because it wasn’t dictated or mediated by anyone else. And I felt strong guidance to leave my 15+ year career in corporate America to become an entrepreneur.

One month after starting my own business, I went to Empower Thyself & Initiation and became an initiate in the lineage of King Salomon. It was then I started to see the true magick work in my life. I gained daily rituals for manifestation, protection and purification. I started to see things grow in my life that I can only call miraculous. The most miraculous was I defeated my life-long battle with chronic anxiety. My anxiety that wasn’t fixed through years of therapy or pharmaceutical drugs was absent after a few months of daily practice with the meditation taught through the Modern Mystery School. It was then I decided to become a Certified Life Activation practitioner myself so I could help others onto this path.

The physical root is the hardest for me personally. I’ve now entered into training as a Ritual Master, which is about overcoming darkness within ourselves first in order to be in service to the light. I’ve realized I have shame and trauma about my body that goes well back into my childhood. I am working on learning to love my body, which for me means daily exercise, a commitment to a whole food plant-based diet, getting enough sleep, and carving out plenty of time for self care.

Growing abundance

The most important lesson I’ve learned is that abundance is an outgrowth of balanced self improvement: it requires work on all four roots. And I’ve learned that abundance is a mindset, not a destination or a milestone. Gratitude is the opposite side of the coin from abundance. When you are living in gratitude, the abundance in your life not only becomes clear but it starts to multiply! It sounds counterintuitive, but when you stop to appreciate what you already have, suddenly those things start to blossom in your life!

Today I am so grateful that I have the freedom of creating my own vision for work. I am untethered by a corporation’s shareholders or strategic plan. I am working to bring more light into the world and helping other people. Since I left corporate America, I sold my house and downsized into literally 1/3 of the space. I sold most of my possessions. I no longer have a cushy salary or annual bonus to look forward to. And yet, I feel my life is so full of abundance. I’ve created something that is truly my own.

I use the Sanctuary Meditation I learned in Empower Thyself every day to connect to my higher self and guides. My higher self gives me guidance about where I should go in order to fulfill my mission on this planet. And my spirit guides give me regular guidance about the actions I should take to further my spiritual progression.

As the four roots are deep in the fertile soil of balanced self-improvement, our gratitude and abundance are nourished by the light from our higher self. The more we connect with our divinity, the more light we have to clearly see everything we have to be grateful for and the abundance in our lives. Self improvement is a never-ending journey. It is not a destination. It is a way of being. And it’s the only way to experience true joy in this lifetime. Our circumstances are always subject to change. But if we have four strong roots, connection to our higher self, live in gratitude and have a mindset of abundance, we can experience the gift of true joy.

If you’re ready for your Life Activation and to grow your spiritual root, please contact me to book a session! If you’re outside San Diego, I can connect you with a practitioner in your area of the world. Many blessings.

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